Vacuum furnaces for a wide range of Metallurgical application.

  • Vacuum Sintering furnace for MIM/PM application
  • Vacuum heat treatment furnace
  • Vacuum Brazing and annealing furnace
  • Vacuum Melting furnace
  • Debindign furnace
  • Vacuum impregnation system

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Vacuum Sintering Furnace Specially Designed for MIM/CIM Application

The furnace is fully automated with built in Recipes for different Material like SS304,316,420, low alloy steels, medical Grade As well as Ni, TI, Tungsten alloys.

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Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace

Totally Automated Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace for Medical, Automotive, Aerospace and other Mechanical application with Required Quality Certification.

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Specially designed hybrid MIM Box ensure the laminar gas flow, uniform temperature and Easy loading and unloading of Parts.


  • – Small and precise components.
  • – Consistency and repeatability.
  • – Lower Overall product cost.
  • – Unlimited FTP Accounts

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