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Xitiz Technomech LLP, A Ahmedabad Based Company Is A Leading Manufacturer Of Highly Innovative Vacuum Furnaces For Various Metallurgical Applications.
In a short period of time Xitiz has achieved many milestones in the field of PIM/PM. In conjunction with our Application & Innovation Lab, Xitiz supports its costumers with Individual System Application Development. We offer  trials with our inhouse Lab Scale Sintering furnaces for the new costumer who are in development stage.
We offer one Step solution for MIM/PM technologies. An only Indigenous Manufacturer for MIM furnaces with advance technology and successful installation In India.Xitiz manufactures the most advanced metal injection molding (MIM) debinding and sintering Vacuum furnace. Our furnaces are beyond the ordinary vacuum furnaces. It is designed to match all basic needs of MIM/PM application. Complete Laminar gas flow while sintering process. Our unique MIM BOX allows easy loading and unloading of parts as well as ensure the equal heat and gas distribution trough out the hotzone.
Xitiz also makes the  utra high temperature Vacuum sintering furnaces for metal Carbide and ceramics Sintering. We have developed the Raw material and Sintering process for Silicon Carbide. We undertake the turn-key projects for any upcoming industries including developments, machineries and raw material.  Most of our furnaces are loaded with built in recipes for well known metals and ceramics. These recipes are proven in our laboratories.
Apart from powder metallurgy, Xitiz is also presents in the field of Vacuum heat treatment, Vacuum induction melting and Vacuum Brazing. With the state of art manufacturing process, we delivered the system with highly costumer satisfaction.
We have implemented Quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.

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